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NitroShep's Barks

No Ordinary German Shepherd Dog


I have been into the furry lifestyle more so since 2005, I've always had a love for German Shepherd Dogs and share their personallity,
hense became one as a furry character in early 2007 through AREND Studios... Rainfurrest 2007 was my first con with fursuit
Several times a year, Nitro gets out into the local community to entertain all ages.. I try and lead a very active lifestyle, I am known
to race Motocross, Hike, Bike, Travel and all sorts of fun fur group adventures around the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC Canada.
Outside of my Character I'm known as the friendly, creative and always active FUR...
"Shep" .. . . (Explore The Picture & Video Links Below)
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 Dangerously Cute Together

  • ----------- MY CONVENTION PLANS FOR 2010/2011 ----------
  • Attended-- FC 2011 - (Jan 12-18, San Jose, CA)

  • Attended-- AC 2010 - (Jun 23-28, Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Attended-- EF 2010 - (Aug 28-Sept 12, Germany)

  • Attended-- RF 2010 - (Sept 23-26, SeaTac, WA)