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Friends Social Marathon

Social Marathon being i've never really been a social butterfly...

Previous Weekend: - Out with friends for Dinner and Movie Friday.. Saturday was off to ScribbleFox's place, It was so nice to see Scribble and Havoas for a day helping out with some Electrical issues and adding 2 new outlets/breakers in their place.. We had a great lunch and fantastic time hanging out chatting.. You guys are awesome together and I REALLY enjoyed my time with you both!

Also that weekend had a few guys visit for a nice little BBQ at my place, we were all so redneck watching the bug zapper and cheering :P ...It's been tough trying to get people together lately with all the senseless dramatica between so many guys, but I do enjoy more the smaller social gathering anyway so in somw weird way it's worked better for me.

Time With Friends X 4d: - This long weekendness spending time with friends, probably the most time ever socially with folks around here.. Thursday & friday evenings with good friends chilling at my place, going to dinners, lunch and the Movie "Gamer"... Saturday Dinner again plus meeting a couple awesome furs that were new to me, we followed dinner with what I can only call as "Drunken 10-pin Bowling" We started out with high 120's and it quickly dropped to 60's as the ball found the gutter more often... I'm really glad I had a ride that night as I was one messed up doggy. :P ..Sunday evening I nice Housewarming party for Frysco who has an awesome place, the new bridge makes it so easy to visit and lots of guys showed up to furry up the house.

Making Wine Again: - It's been about 2 years since the last time I made homemade wine, the last batch was so good!!! ... well so good some got spilled and Spark dropped to lick it off the floor (what wont foxes lick?) ..I'm hoping this batch will be just as good and just as high in Alcohol content, really it only took one glass and it hit you.

Spark was begging me to make some again and it's so cheap to make, it should be ready in time for his visit to BC after Rainfurrest.
Ticket To FurCon: - Already purchased a couple tickets to Further Confusion, right now it's very cheap out of SeaTac so I would suggest anyone flying out of that area to take a look at that...  - Coach @ $159 return on Alaska Air.

A Sad Note: - (non furry) A few months back I long time friend and neighbour passed away from a heart attack, once again another neighbour and friend is dying of lung cancer that I need to go see today.. Sad part is they were some of the best people around my neighbourhood, i've never been faced with someone that has a few months to live and really lost for words when I see him.

Otherwise all has been good, my thyroid issue is stable and I feel fantastic as long as keep it and stress under control.. Getting out to see good friends, ditching any drama and having fun has made my feel really good. :-)

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SAD Sheppy

Into a Burning Truck

I weird and dramatic day today and will probably stick in my mind for some time, also the first full day of rain for a few months.

Things started out ok, typical Monday and left work for Lunch like I usually do.. On my way back I came across a full size Chevy pickup 4-ways flashing and quickly realized the cab just started to catch fire as minor flames and some smoke became visable through the top of the drivers side window (down 3"), as I drove past I couldn't see anyone inside the vehicle being full of black smoke and decided to pull over and run up to check.. Seeing nobody inside or around the vehicle other then some retard filming with his iPhone I backed off.

I quickly walked past the rear of the truck to safety and as I turned back to see the drivers window blow out, was shocked to see two dog kennels in the back.. Alot of things went through my mind at that moment, I quickly asked the guy "omg are there dog in there?" he didn't know so I ran back to the burning truck and jumped in the back to check.. There was some other junk in the way tossing it aside and looked into the kennels to see no dogs (thankfuly) and quickly jumped out and ran from the truck as the wiring shorted sounding the horn and engine tried to start, seconds later the back window blew out and kennels were on fire.

I turned my attention to the powerlines above the truck and yelled at people gathering to look up and back away, people started freaking out seeing the kennels and told them they were empty. The women driving the truck finally returned after calling the fire dept. from a local business and said the dash caught fire and she had just dropped off the two dogs minutes before.

I'm glad and thankful nothing bad became of this day, I have a very emotional connection to canines and risked my life. I couldn't bare with the thought of doing nothing if animals were in there. My nerves are still shot.

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Nitro Cute Wave

Not Good...

I got the bad news today that I'm not doing so well.. My Thyroid gland has once again gone way overactive to the point where i'm at a high risk of having a Stroke, or worse.. My T4 is double over what is considered maximum high normal.. For those that don't know, the Thyroid gland (in your neck) controls many parts of your body including the heart.

I was taking medication until last November when everything was tested and functioning normally but stopped taking the meds when I started getting ill once a week from them.. I had a really good stretch of feeling good for 6 months until June & July when I started trembling  inside and feeling anxiety and vision problems.. I thought it may of been excitement about going to Anthrocon.. This week I went to have a blood test done to check my Thyroid levels and returned home yesterday to find several calls on my answering machine warning me that this is serious and much worse then years ago.

With Spark worried and hounding me today to get to a doctor I left work early to get some more pills and another referal to a specialist, they checked my blood pressure and for any skipping heart beats.. This is my fault when I should of kept closer tabs on my health even if it seemed fine.

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I'm Back!

Had a few people concerned about me so its time to make a after FC2009 post... I did disappear off the net for a bit.

The Con As A Whole

I had an absolute blast at FC this year, with the lack of my mate sparkfox. I thought it might be disappointing but it ended up being better then last year for me... A special Thank you to skookumpaws</lj>. for sharing the room with me, you were a great room mate!  ...And most of all wlfdog. for filling in that void I would of had without Spark, Thank you so much sweetheart for making this sheppy a happy puppy!

I met so many people this year, at times I got a bit overwelmed with everyone saying hello when I was in suit... There are so many of you i'd like to thank for spending the time to hang and chat with me... you guys are all awesome! Thank you!

Trip Back From San Jose

Delays Delays, flight got delayed half an hour, then circled the airport before heading back to Seattle. Got back to my truck and had to top up the brake fluid that leaked out while away... Traffic was bad trying to get out of Seattle heading north back to Vancouver BC... By the time I got home I was exhausted, unpacked the truck and went right to bed.

Fixed Truck and Internet

The following Day I stayed home from work to replace the blown wheel cylinder on my truck, it turned into a headache because Ford changed the cylinder inlet size from 7/16" to 3/8" and the part numbers were wrong for my year... Made for a whole afternoon brake job... but its fixed thanks to Siku running around the parts for me.

Found out later in the day that my Internet Modem fried over my holiday, so had to replace that as well.

The Sick Aftermath

A day after returning from FC I got a really nasty Flu bug that kept me home from work about 4 days stuck in bed... This has been one of the worst colds i've had in a long time, even today it's still got a grip on me but starting to fade away very slowly... It was bad enough to keep me off-line since the Con, but now i'm well enough to get out again.

A Few FC2009 Pictures:

Nitro & Kodi (king) "Husky Fanboy" :P - Cute GSD ---------- A Group Photo (Charger, Jessie, Nitro, Qumick)
Nitro - Team "The Rawhide Chews" - Critter Olympics -------- Nitro & Jessie (wlfdog) Dancing
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Jumping Hoops to FC

I made it to California, but not without alot of stupid things happening this time.

-- Left my place at 1:30AM (tues) to drive to SeaTac Airport (Seattle, WA)
-- Border Customs decides to search all my stuff and ask a hundred questions (they were bored no doubt at 2am = 40 min set-back)
-- My Truck blows a rear brake cylinder and I lose brake fluid rapidly everytime I stop (2 pitstops to top up fluid)
-- Scheduled plane depart at 6:50AM but Fog in Seattle delays it 15 mins (not a big deal yet)
-- Arrive in San Jose, CA @ 9:15AM (tues) and try to pick-up reserved rental car which turns into a 2 car swap of my stuff and messing up the rental agreement with someone elses name and info (major retards x 3) ...wastes another 30 mins.
-- Drove 2 hours east of San Jose at 80MPH to meet up with [info]skookumpaws, for a special thingy but arrived 30 mins late.

Not the best trip south but at least a couple good laughs along the way, US Customs asked me if I was a dog and I just replied "woof " at least they put all my stuff back into place nicely... The guy at the rental car place asked me if I was happy with the customer service, my reply "at least I got a JEEP Commander to drive"

Oh well, can't always expect a perfect world. Tommorow i'm on the road early back to SAN JOSE for FC, hopefully catch up with the few early arrivals., Weather today was warm and sunny, much warmer then normal but very nice. Excited to be back for another year of FC. :)

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Happy Holidays!

As of this weekend i'm off-line for a week to spend time with family, I hope everyone here can spend some time over the holidays as well with loved ones, family or friends.

Most of all I wish I could spend Christmas with my mate:sparkfox, I made him this card with Nitro all tangled up in lights, hopefully will see him again shortly after FC., I miss him.

Looks like a rare White Christmas for the Vancouver Area this year, definately white in the BC interior where i'm headed.

Nitro Christmas
My best wishes to everyone for a safe happy holiday and all the best in the new year to you and your loved ones.

I look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.


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Fursuit Bowling @ Howloween 08

Took me a while to put this video together with all the things going on last month, as well as working out the software bugs with a new digital camcorder... Finally I can present to you...
"Fursuit Gutter Ball"...... Bowling, Vancouver Fur Style!

Filmed in Fursuit Nitro between games, wilebobcat. Helped fill in the gaps when it was my turn to bowl and be a bad dog.
Not everyone that took part was filmed, the whole event was an absolute blast and very comical.... Enjoy!!!

Howloween 2008 (Day 2) - Fursuit Bowling
November 9th -- Vancouver, BC Canada -- ( 4min 41sec Video )

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Nitro Cute Wave


Some random silly fun last night among good times with friends. With the recent Disney movie: "Bolt" out in theatres (Bolt is awesome!), me and Lace planned on dressing up Nitro to surprise Pdawg... Not sure if I was succesful with the pouncing but it did get a good laugh and many scritches. (*wags*)

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911 Oooops!

Work: Well a good Friday can't always follow with a great Monday I guess, yesterday I cut the power to a emergency 911 antenna. When that happens you find out in a hurry, turns out some dumb ass previously connected it to the same generator backed up circuit as the hallway lights I was replacing without anyone knowing... Honestly, who would not dedicate a circuit for something so important? Luckly the antenna has battery back up cause that could of been much worse.

Today the Air Conditioning unit died in the Hotel's main server room and I was rushed in to keep the PC's from melting down that basically run the entire buildings computer network and Internet., I had about 30 mins to rush in a temporary power supply for a portable A/C unit.


AC09 Added: Last night confirmed with Spark we will be attending Anthrocon 2009 and booked a room at the Westin, unsure at this time if we will attend MFF again next year. Spark will not attend FC due to work, but I will be there... There is also a possiblity that we may make a trip to Hawaii if we can keep the costs down, Spark is trying to get me to go after FC09.
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