March 25th, 2010

SAD Sheppy

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My dog Axel had surgery today,

Something I was worried about for a few weeks, Axel went in for Surgery today to remove what was a lump behind his left shoulder that quickly got much worse last week.. For the past year it was just monitored for any changes and not being a problem.

Axel is my second German Shepherd Dog in my life and the first time having to take a dog to the vet for an operation, I get very close to my animals and just dropping him off at a Kennel is usually a feel bad experience.

Taking him to the Vet today was one of those days, apon dropping him off and placing him in a small pre-op kennel he screamed his friggen head off which tore at me just trying to leave.. He got upset enough after I left to "mess up" the kennel and himself that required Vet Staff to bath him before the operation.. He fought with them on getting the Anaesthesia after that.

Good news is he is alright and back with me this evening, although he seems in discomfort and is giving me a major guilt trip stare.. I do feel bad but it was nessesary.. The worry was it was cancer but apon removal it turrned out to be a badly infected cyst which is now gone.. I'm glad this day is over...