February 23rd, 2010

Nitro Cute Wave

Nitro Thermal Imaging

Some recent training on using a newly purchased Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera by my employer has allowed me to take the $9,500 Camera home with me for a few days to practise taking pictures and making reports, we will be using it to detect electrical hotspots... I thought it would be a good idea to try it on a Fursuit and did with Nitro this past weekend... I have not heard of anyone doing this before?

The camera automatically pinpoints the warmest spot and the additional software will allows you to measure other points and create reports.

The maximum readings in the pictures are on the surface of the Fursuit while not being active, basically what you would feel if you hugged a suiter standing in a lobby, the air gap tempurature under the suit would be a few degrees warmer.

Normally I cool the suit and head but thought it would be interesting to see where all the hotspots are without this option, most of the pictures showed the hottest point to be in the upper chest.

<The Image is expandable (30.6C = 87.1F)

If anyone ever wonders how hot it can be to fursuit this gives you a pretty good idea if your just standing still at room tempurature, hope some of ya find this interesting. :-)