February 17th, 2010

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2010 Con Plans Update [FA-x]

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Further Confusion:
Waz super awesome! Miss everyone and all the fun!


Eurofurence: I'm excited to announce that Me & Spark will be attending Eurofurence this year!!! We are registered and paid from August 31st - September 6th.

Our time line in Germany is still unknown, very likely a few days before the con we will travel around Hannover, Berlin & Magdeburg... Plane tickets right now are far too expensive to rush into it... We can both speak German which is a plus. :)

Anthrocon: We are Westin Hotel booked for Anthrocon June 23-28th, at this point it's a full go. We had a amazing time last year and can't wait to return!

Rainfurrest: 2 hrs away - Definately! On Staff, must go ^^

All Fur Fun: If that Con happens we may go.

Hope to see you at one of these! =)