January 29th, 2010

Nitro Cute Wave

FC Recap

FC Hotel: - FC for me in all was awesome to say the least!. Me and Spark arrived to the Hotel early on the 20th and wandered the halls checking out all the rooms and layout.. Our first impression was overwhelming wondering if this 4-star hotel with it's delicate art and furniture could survive a furry con, two hours into my lobby stay I got asked to turn the volume down on my laptop.. ok... tickle me Spark is a little annoying :P ..I finally got my room around noon and found the Hotel staff to be very nice in general.. Overall the Hotel had alot of character and a ton of space to wander about, after a couple days I started to really like it.. Good choice guys! ...Only down side... good luck finding people...

Something I have not experienced at a furcon is the amount of public in the mix, alot of kids and adults totally enjoying the fact people were running around in animal costumes.. I can't remember how many times kids and adults interacted with us, hehe the kids even dragged us to their parents!.  Outside the Hotel the public was friendly, I was able to wander in suit a couple streets down and not feel threatened.. Many resturant choices and fantastic night life!. To me FC felt like a totally new con.

Beware of the mini-bar fridge!. Don't play with the contents :P ..hehe yeah as we found out hidden sensors will automatically bill you and request room service to re-fill it.

FC Events: - In all everything was great, I found it cool there were 2 seperate dances at once plus a band playing in the lobby where you could also dance.. The dances in general were "OK" the ballroom had great lighting but I found half the music too repeatative and boring, quite honestly the lobby band was best because they played music I could dance to in suit  --The fursuit games-- were awesome! Best games I have been part of yet... and our team won!. I was disappointed there was no prize given out. -- Furry Night Live -- Well done! Not as many acts as previous years but that was to be expected will the drop in attendance.

FC Highlight Activity: - Furry Limo Ride!

ME and Spark got in on a suiters Limo ride through the streets of San Jose thanks to JD & Jimmy asking us if we wanted to join.. We travelled around for 3 hours drinking Champagne first heading the the local mall with BBF as our guide for the 11 suiters... we got away with roaming the Mall for 15 mins before management decided to kick us out (or go to jail they said) Delayed security found us exiting back to the Limo but were very friendly to us... from there we were off to the park to climb the ropes, next to an outdoor strip mall where we got lured into a hair salon for pictures and sit in the barber chairs and also a shoe store :P ...after that the local Museum and Tech Museum before returning to the Hotel... Still looking for more pictures of this. :-)

Nitro & Spark Gold Panning: - Last minute before leaving for FC we decided to do something for the theme this year "Gold Rush".. we put on a hat and brought out gold pans filling with Canadian chocolate "loonies" which we handed out at random.. Unexpectedly with our little gold panning gig we collected all sorts of weird gay items (lol) but also cash.. I decided we shouldn't keep this money and donated it.

Nitro & Spark Gold Panning Money collected.... $24.21 Donated to the non-profit organization "Therapy Pets"

FC in all: - Our room was packed every evening which was fun, lotsa sillyness. :D ...Hotel better then we could of expected, yeah it was expensive but the atmosphere and things to do outside the con was absolutely outstanding!.. It reminded me alot of Anthrocon but with a more friendly public enviroment, definately a win and a return next year for us!. It was great meeting new friends and many we have not seen for a year or so (*hugs ya all*) I can't wait to see the BBF video ^^
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