December 13th, 2009

Cutie Coffee

Boss Asks About Party

Company Christmas Party today, good turn out considering it started snowing around that time.. I ended up sitting beside my boss as the big round table filled up, we got into a conversation about work and the projects i'm running, laughing about a few stupid things and such... Been working for him for 14 years now, they treat me extremely well.

Halfway through our conversation he brings up my big Halloween party (oh crap) A whole bunch of thoughts raced though my head because it was a furry party and there was several fursuiters running my neighbourhood, going door to door and meeting my neighbours, ect.

He's like... so quite the party you had, guys in animal costumes, a leather demon (nemos) standing guard at the front door (why did I sit next to my boss?) Anyway... he seemed very interested and I quickly brought up the non-profit mascot entertainment thing which only got him more interested... Long story short he thought it was cool and even offered finacial support because he loves that kind of stuff.

Apparently one of my neighbours knows my Boss and another co-worker, one of several neighbours that loved seeing us entertain the kids and made a few run and scream with candy dropping (haha Nemos & Terk were good!)

Sorry to anyone I didn't invite out that night, my house was full more then ever. I've had to cut back to strictly invite only for a few reasons.
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