September 26th, 2009

Nitro MX Moto

Back From RF & Camp

 Rainfurrest In All: - I had a amazing fantastic time at Rainfurrest this year... Hanging out with friends I have not seen in a long time, many hours of suiting, helping out with the con, the pool time, outside activities & guests, and the con events... Not to mention the extremely fun drunken room "gatherings" we had almost every night with good friends that made this con a blast! ..This year we shared a room with wilebobcat. & rider_eman. who were excellent room mates to put up with me and sparkfox... You guys are awesome friends!!!... Thank you to everyone who came by to visit our room and for stopping us to say hello, hugs, and take photos... Miss everyone already!

Camping Trip: - Right after Rainfurrest, Me, Spark, Wile & Rider did a Off Road/Motorcycle overnight camping trip up to Sloquet Hotsprings.. I spent a few hours with Spark prior to teach him some basic motorcycle handling skills since he had never ridden off road before, he did really well over some tricky rough sections that would take many riders down.

We took several beautiful photos along the way, it's a very scenic ride out of South Harrison Lake all the way to the North and deep into the woods (100km/65mi) to the Hot Springs.. As planned we managed to do a group skinny dip with nobody around during the week :D ... well, almost nobody :P

I'd have to say this has been the best camping trip in recent memory, we had a great time and it was a fantastic ending to a great Con!

Skookumwolf In Town: - Parked in my front yard right now is a 30 foot trailer and a corral of several doggies along for the ride, skookumpaws. came up after Rainfurrest to visit for a couple weeks before heading across Canada.. I took the week off to spend time with him and to this point we have visited the Zoo, many good Resturants, Albion Fraser River, Fort Langley and the "Fort" tour and worked on some electrical add-ons on his truck and trailer... Been alot of fun and I'm happy again to host him at my house.
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