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My dog Axel had surgery today,

Something I was worried about for a few weeks, Axel went in for Surgery today to remove what was a lump behind his left shoulder that quickly got much worse last week.. For the past year it was just monitored for any changes and not being a problem.

Axel is my second German Shepherd Dog in my life and the first time having to take a dog to the vet for an operation, I get very close to my animals and just dropping him off at a Kennel is usually a feel bad experience.

Taking him to the Vet today was one of those days, apon dropping him off and placing him in a small pre-op kennel he screamed his friggen head off which tore at me just trying to leave.. He got upset enough after I left to "mess up" the kennel and himself that required Vet Staff to bath him before the operation.. He fought with them on getting the Anaesthesia after that.

Good news is he is alright and back with me this evening, although he seems in discomfort and is giving me a major guilt trip stare.. I do feel bad but it was nessesary.. The worry was it was cancer but apon removal it turrned out to be a badly infected cyst which is now gone.. I'm glad this day is over...

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Nitro Thermal Imaging

Some recent training on using a newly purchased Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera by my employer has allowed me to take the $9,500 Camera home with me for a few days to practise taking pictures and making reports, we will be using it to detect electrical hotspots... I thought it would be a good idea to try it on a Fursuit and did with Nitro this past weekend... I have not heard of anyone doing this before?

The camera automatically pinpoints the warmest spot and the additional software will allows you to measure other points and create reports.

The maximum readings in the pictures are on the surface of the Fursuit while not being active, basically what you would feel if you hugged a suiter standing in a lobby, the air gap tempurature under the suit would be a few degrees warmer.

Normally I cool the suit and head but thought it would be interesting to see where all the hotspots are without this option, most of the pictures showed the hottest point to be in the upper chest.

<The Image is expandable (30.6C = 87.1F)

If anyone ever wonders how hot it can be to fursuit this gives you a pretty good idea if your just standing still at room tempurature, hope some of ya find this interesting. :-)

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Olympic City Fursuiting

Saturday a bunch of us teamed up to head Downtown (Vancouver, BC) into the heart of the celebration for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics... We really had no idea how this was going to turn out with the massive crowds of people from all over the world surrounding us... Our goal was to become Team Canada fans to get the crowd going... An almost perfectly executed plan with just barely enough spotters and radios to keep track of us... Little did we know how popular we would become, thousands of pictures and dozens of people surrounded us begging for a photo-op... our only problem that day, trying to get away from a non-stop surge of people wanting a pictures.

Happiness and a Smile shared with the world that day, the experience has left me with a sense of  " WOW that's one of the coolest things I have done in fursuit yet! " ........ More Pictures of this event ---> CLICK HERE

{below} Vancouver 2010 Olympics countdown clock, now counting up the days of Olympics... {Right} Nitro In Crowd

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2010 Con Plans Update [FA-x]

-X-Posted to FA

Further Confusion:
Waz super awesome! Miss everyone and all the fun!


Eurofurence: I'm excited to announce that Me & Spark will be attending Eurofurence this year!!! We are registered and paid from August 31st - September 6th.

Our time line in Germany is still unknown, very likely a few days before the con we will travel around Hannover, Berlin & Magdeburg... Plane tickets right now are far too expensive to rush into it... We can both speak German which is a plus. :)

Anthrocon: We are Westin Hotel booked for Anthrocon June 23-28th, at this point it's a full go. We had a amazing time last year and can't wait to return!

Rainfurrest: 2 hrs away - Definately! On Staff, must go ^^

All Fur Fun: If that Con happens we may go.

Hope to see you at one of these! =)
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FC Recap

FC Hotel: - FC for me in all was awesome to say the least!. Me and Spark arrived to the Hotel early on the 20th and wandered the halls checking out all the rooms and layout.. Our first impression was overwhelming wondering if this 4-star hotel with it's delicate art and furniture could survive a furry con, two hours into my lobby stay I got asked to turn the volume down on my laptop.. ok... tickle me Spark is a little annoying :P ..I finally got my room around noon and found the Hotel staff to be very nice in general.. Overall the Hotel had alot of character and a ton of space to wander about, after a couple days I started to really like it.. Good choice guys! ...Only down side... good luck finding people...

Something I have not experienced at a furcon is the amount of public in the mix, alot of kids and adults totally enjoying the fact people were running around in animal costumes.. I can't remember how many times kids and adults interacted with us, hehe the kids even dragged us to their parents!.  Outside the Hotel the public was friendly, I was able to wander in suit a couple streets down and not feel threatened.. Many resturant choices and fantastic night life!. To me FC felt like a totally new con.

Beware of the mini-bar fridge!. Don't play with the contents :P ..hehe yeah as we found out hidden sensors will automatically bill you and request room service to re-fill it.

FC Events: - In all everything was great, I found it cool there were 2 seperate dances at once plus a band playing in the lobby where you could also dance.. The dances in general were "OK" the ballroom had great lighting but I found half the music too repeatative and boring, quite honestly the lobby band was best because they played music I could dance to in suit  --The fursuit games-- were awesome! Best games I have been part of yet... and our team won!. I was disappointed there was no prize given out. -- Furry Night Live -- Well done! Not as many acts as previous years but that was to be expected will the drop in attendance.

FC Highlight Activity: - Furry Limo Ride!

ME and Spark got in on a suiters Limo ride through the streets of San Jose thanks to JD & Jimmy asking us if we wanted to join.. We travelled around for 3 hours drinking Champagne first heading the the local mall with BBF as our guide for the 11 suiters... we got away with roaming the Mall for 15 mins before management decided to kick us out (or go to jail they said) Delayed security found us exiting back to the Limo but were very friendly to us... from there we were off to the park to climb the ropes, next to an outdoor strip mall where we got lured into a hair salon for pictures and sit in the barber chairs and also a shoe store :P ...after that the local Museum and Tech Museum before returning to the Hotel... Still looking for more pictures of this. :-)

Nitro & Spark Gold Panning: - Last minute before leaving for FC we decided to do something for the theme this year "Gold Rush".. we put on a hat and brought out gold pans filling with Canadian chocolate "loonies" which we handed out at random.. Unexpectedly with our little gold panning gig we collected all sorts of weird gay items (lol) but also cash.. I decided we shouldn't keep this money and donated it.

Nitro & Spark Gold Panning Money collected.... $24.21 Donated to the non-profit organization "Therapy Pets"

FC in all: - Our room was packed every evening which was fun, lotsa sillyness. :D ...Hotel better then we could of expected, yeah it was expensive but the atmosphere and things to do outside the con was absolutely outstanding!.. It reminded me alot of Anthrocon but with a more friendly public enviroment, definately a win and a return next year for us!. It was great meeting new friends and many we have not seen for a year or so (*hugs ya all*) I can't wait to see the BBF video ^^
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Spark & Road To FC2010!

SPARK is here: - Sorry i'm a little late on annoucement, I think Spark posted in his journal he finally made it to Vancouver, BC, Canada.. He arrived here safely on Dec 28th.. I'm really happy to have him here with me now, we've had some great adventures already that started out with a fantastic new years in party in Seattle.. Once we get settled in we will start planning a bunch of fun things to do with friends.

Our History: - Me and Spark met on-line back in 2005, we arranged to meet up in early 2006 in California where he lived prior to Alaska, at that time we started to get close and had numerous things in common.. In January 2007 we decided to commission fursuits from Arend Studio, we got them in March and a relationship evolved from a friendship very rapidly, but Spark had to move to Alaska for work.. A dozen Cons together and many miles later 2010 has finally put us together at last.

Futher Confusion 2010: - Our plans are as follows:

We are staying in the Main Hotel, Fursuit Floor.
Hotel Arrival: Wednesday, Jan 20th, appox. 10am
Departure: Tuesday, Jan 26th, appox. Noon.

I can't wait!!! ..We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new people, feel free to pounce us and chat anytime.. in or out of suit. :-)

<=New YouTube Video: - It's been almost a year so yesterday me and Spark decided we should make another silly video.. It's very similiar to our funny and crazy style of previous videos, hope you enjoy! -

Other then that everything has been good here, I'm just getting over a cold (good timing). We have been really busy the past few weeks, me building a bunch more Fursuit Head Cooling Fans for Arend Studios and Spark searching for a job and such., that along with packing for the con, some suit repairs and many visits from friends has kept us on our paws all day with little sleep.

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NS Mates

Fox Winter Move

Been keeping it hush for a few days in case of anymore issues but everything is now set for Spark to move from Alaska early this week, I will expect him and a foxy friend here in Vancouver before New Years Eve if the weather does not slow them down.

I'm very busy with work and the timing of me being with family for the holidays prevents me from travelling with him, it's a good thing he will have company for the nasty winter journey.

Some interesting options have come to light that may have him here in Vancouver much sooner then expected.
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Cutie Coffee

Boss Asks About Party

Company Christmas Party today, good turn out considering it started snowing around that time.. I ended up sitting beside my boss as the big round table filled up, we got into a conversation about work and the projects i'm running, laughing about a few stupid things and such... Been working for him for 14 years now, they treat me extremely well.

Halfway through our conversation he brings up my big Halloween party (oh crap) A whole bunch of thoughts raced though my head because it was a furry party and there was several fursuiters running my neighbourhood, going door to door and meeting my neighbours, ect.

He's like... so quite the party you had, guys in animal costumes, a leather demon (nemos) standing guard at the front door (why did I sit next to my boss?) Anyway... he seemed very interested and I quickly brought up the non-profit mascot entertainment thing which only got him more interested... Long story short he thought it was cool and even offered finacial support because he loves that kind of stuff.

Apparently one of my neighbours knows my Boss and another co-worker, one of several neighbours that loved seeing us entertain the kids and made a few run and scream with candy dropping (haha Nemos & Terk were good!)

Sorry to anyone I didn't invite out that night, my house was full more then ever. I've had to cut back to strictly invite only for a few reasons.
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My Birthday

Nov 20th

Another year older, a little more wiser... A very happy Shep... I must say things have been going fantastic these past few months!
Happy Birthday to me... doggy.

Been really busy lately at work, home and with friends, will update soon on everything I have been up to ^^
Apollogies to everyone who has been patiently waiting for me to get back on-line.
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Nitro MX Moto

Back From RF & Camp

 Rainfurrest In All: - I had a amazing fantastic time at Rainfurrest this year... Hanging out with friends I have not seen in a long time, many hours of suiting, helping out with the con, the pool time, outside activities & guests, and the con events... Not to mention the extremely fun drunken room "gatherings" we had almost every night with good friends that made this con a blast! ..This year we shared a room with wilebobcat. & rider_eman. who were excellent room mates to put up with me and sparkfox... You guys are awesome friends!!!... Thank you to everyone who came by to visit our room and for stopping us to say hello, hugs, and take photos... Miss everyone already!

Camping Trip: - Right after Rainfurrest, Me, Spark, Wile & Rider did a Off Road/Motorcycle overnight camping trip up to Sloquet Hotsprings.. I spent a few hours with Spark prior to teach him some basic motorcycle handling skills since he had never ridden off road before, he did really well over some tricky rough sections that would take many riders down.

We took several beautiful photos along the way, it's a very scenic ride out of South Harrison Lake all the way to the North and deep into the woods (100km/65mi) to the Hot Springs.. As planned we managed to do a group skinny dip with nobody around during the week :D ... well, almost nobody :P

I'd have to say this has been the best camping trip in recent memory, we had a great time and it was a fantastic ending to a great Con!

Skookumwolf In Town: - Parked in my front yard right now is a 30 foot trailer and a corral of several doggies along for the ride, skookumpaws. came up after Rainfurrest to visit for a couple weeks before heading across Canada.. I took the week off to spend time with him and to this point we have visited the Zoo, many good Resturants, Albion Fraser River, Fort Langley and the "Fort" tour and worked on some electrical add-ons on his truck and trailer... Been alot of fun and I'm happy again to host him at my house.
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